The Pottery Trade and North Staffordshire 1660-1760

Author: Lorna Weatherill

Published: 1970, 1971

Publisher: 1970: A.M. Kelley; 1971: Manchester University Press

Pages: 192 pages

ISBN: 1970 edition: ISBN-10: 067806783X ISBN-13: 9780678067833 1971 edition: ISBN-10: 0719004209 ISBN-13: 9780719004209

The pottery trade is one which has had a special place in discussions of economic growth in the 18th century and has frequently been quoted as exemplifying one or other of the characteristics of the Industrial Revolution. The principal intention of this book is to reconsider the trade’s history in North Staffordshire during the preceding century and to decide how much development took place in those aspects of it that were characteristic of its later growth. The author has used previously little explored documentary archaeological evidence, in particular wills and inventories, account books and the tonnage books of the River Weaver.

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