A collector’s history of English Pottery

Author: Griselda Lewis

Published: 1969, 1999 (fifth edition)

Publisher: 1969 edition: Studio Vista; 1999 edition: Antique Collectors’ Club

Pages: 1969 edition: 221 pages; 1999 edition: 383 pages

ISBN: 1969 edition: ISBN-10: 0289797276 ISBN-13: 9780289797273 1999 edition: ISBN-10: 1851492917 ISBN-13: 9781851492916

This book takes the reader from the earliest pottery extant dating from the first Neolithic period through the classical names to the more collectable items of the 19th and 20th centuries. It traces the links in the development of English pottery and puts them into historical context. It has been revised five times, with each edition increasing in page length, colour illustrations and new information.

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