Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900: A Comprehensive List Assembled from Contemporary Directories with Selected Marks

Author: R.K. Henrywood

Published: 2002

Publisher: Antique Collectors' Club

Pages: 408 pages

ISBN: ISBN-10: 1851493700 ISBN-13: 9781851493708

This book presents a comprehensive record of manufacturers working in the Staffordshire Potteries in the period between 1781 and 1900. The information has been extracted from all known directories published during the period, involving more than 10,000 entries from some 61 volumes. Introductory chapters cover historical aspects of the survey, an evaluation of the area under review and information on the directory authors and publishers. These are followed by the main alphabetical list of more than 3,000 manufacturers, the most comprehensive record of Staffordshire potters ever published, including much information unavailable in existing literature. This main list is followed by reprints of the original directory listings in date order, backed up with appropriate indexes.

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