Staffordshire Figures: Christie’s collectibles

Author: Geoffrey Stafford Charles

Published: 1997

Publisher: Bulfinch Press

Pages: 80 pages

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0821224611 ISBN-13: 9780821224618

Volume from a unique series intended for both the avid collector and the armchair enthusiast. Beautifully illustrated in full colour, each guide provides examples of both rare and everyday pieces so that readers can appreciate “the great and the good” but also identify articles that may be more readily available or affordable. After a general introduction, comparative examples reveal typical and less common characteristics, pinpoint details, and provide precise keys to dating; a glossary at the back explains less familiar terms. The potteries of Staffordshire, England, developed innovative glazing techniques in the eighteenth century and went on to produce a wide range of sculptural pieces, such as novelty jugs and figurines commemorating great public events.

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