Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840, Volume 1: Manufacturers, Pastimes, & Work

Author: Myrna Schkolne

Published: 2013

Publisher: Schiffer

Pages: 280 pages

ISBN: 9780764345371

Introducing a comprehensive, multi-volume work that catalogues the enormous range of enamel-painted figures made predominantly in the Staffordshire Potteries between 1780 and 1840, Volume 1 covers figures portraying people’s pastimes and work. It includes over 900 brilliant colour photos of pottery, as well as information about its makers and design sources and a guide to values. The attributes of all known makers’ work are explored, as are those of groups of related figures whose makers remain anonymous. Some figures in this volume portray the pastimes of gardening, reading, and music, while others depict shepherds and shepherdesses, other farm workers, vendors, and people engaged in a host of trades and occupations. 

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