Large Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Figure of Ceres or Plenty

Massive Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Figure of Ceres or Plenty, Circa 1815

This large-scale figure of Ceres or Plenty is a stunning example of Staffordshire pottery. The figure is finely modeled and enamelled in colors, and she stands on a wonderfully decorated marbled plinth. Ceres is the Roman goddess of agriculture, fertility, and motherhood, and she is often depicted holding a flaming torch and a cornucopia. The figure wears a striking yellow robe over a light purple dress decorated with black flowers.  In her left hand she holds a flaming torch while in the right she holds a large cornucopia overflowing with fruit and flowers. Our ref NY10281.

Item Details:

Price: $5,500

Item date: Circa 1815

Dimensions: Height: 20.5 ins Width: 7 ins Depth: 5 ins

Condition: The tip of the flaming torch is invisibly restored and there is a minor chip on the cornucopia, otherwise in excellent condition.

Myrna Schkolne, Staffordshire Figures 1780-1840, Family, Friendship, Play, & Classical Subjects, Vol 4, Page 132, Figure 166.14 from the Collection of Arnold & Barbara Berlin for a similar sized figure. Schkolne mentions that the figure of Ceres also occurs as the allegorical portrayal of summer in sets of figures emblematic of the four seasons.

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Massive Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery Figure of Ceres or Plenty, Circa 1815


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