Blue Beard

A group figure of Blue Beard and girl on a shaped gilt lined base, he standing holding a short sword in his right hand, his left on his hip, wearing a brimmed hat, ermine lined cloak, belted tunic, and kilt, she kneeling on a cushion, in supplication, wearing a blouse, and skirt. 

Stock Number: 001504

Item Details:

Price: £880 plus P&P

Item date: Circa 1850s

Dimensions: Height: 12.5 inches / 32 cm

Condition: This figure has a professional invisible restoration the girl’s hands and a repair to her waist

Provenance: Private Collection from Manchester, UK

Harding Book One, Page 311, Fig 1141

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Name: Damon Revans-Turner

Telephone: Mobile +44 (0)7899042518; Landline +44 (0)151 7333071


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