Staffordshire Pottery: the Tribal Art of England

Author: Anthony Oliver

Published: 1981

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated

Pages: 177 pages

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0434543926 ISBN-13: 9780434543922

This companion volume to Oliver’s first book, The Victorian Staffordshire Figure, is written with the same gentle humour and the author’s enthusiasm that enlivens his original research into a broader field of enquiry which begins in the eighteenth century. No one is better qualified to help collectors. Oliver concentrates not on the rare museum pieces which are beyond the reach of most of us, but gives a fascinating account of those figures which, as a dealer, he knows are often neglected and still available to collectors of modest means.

Oliver writes not only as an art expert but as a specialist dealer, discussing salerooms, antique fairs, restorers and dealers with a refreshing frankness invaluable to anyone building a collection of Staffordshire pottery figures. It is a completely fresh appraisal of the most famous Staffordshire potters of the pre-Victorian era.

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