Staffordshire Animals: A Collector’s Guide to History, Styles and Values

Author: Adele Kenny

Published: 1997

Publisher: Schiffer

Pages: 192 pages

ISBN: ISBN-10: 0764304224 ISBN-13: 9780764304224

This comprehensive reference focuses on the variety of animal figures produced in Staffordshire during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Characterised by a cottage industry quaintness, Staffordshire figures were known as “image toys” and “chimney ornaments” in their day. Countless subjects were produced but the animal models comprise a Noah’s Ark of some of the most charming and endearing figures.

Staffordshire animals are among the bestselling and most widely collected antique ceramics. Beautifully illustrated with over 400 colour photographs, this book traces animal figure evolution through chapters on animals in art, British ceramics, Staffordshire potters and potteries, and production techniques and styles. Informative captions provide descriptions, dates of manufacture, and values at date of publication.

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